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14/01/2014 10:49

trello blog.docx (184213) Here is my blog about Trello.

student led conference form

10/10/2013 10:02


1) One of the things I have accomplished in this class is that I have finally learned how to use photoshop and I am now much better at it than last year.

2) Another thing that I have accomplished in this class is that I am getting 100% in all of my assignments and it they are a big impact to my mark.

3) Another accomplishmet I have made in this class is that I have learned how to use prezi and now I am really good at using Prezi and when I use it, I know what I am doing.



1) In this class I am really good at Prezi because it is a program that I have used a lot since I had started taking infotech and I understand how the program works. It is fun to use and you can do lots of things on there.

2) Another strength of mine is that I am getting much better at photoshop. It is one of my strengths because I am improving in it and I am confident when I'm using it.

3) Another strength that I have is that I am good at making the avatars that was my first assignment. I am getting better at making avatars and I have lots of practice using it.

4) I have good keyboarding skills. I can go at a steady pace and I barely make mistakes when I am typing something.



1) One goal that I would like to achieve is that I would like to get a higher mark than last year in this class. If I get a higher mark in this class, it shows that I am becoming a stronger student.

2) I want to try and get 100% on all of my assignments and keep that going for the rest of the semester.

3) Another goal of mine is that I want to try and master scratch. When I first started using scratch,I thought it was complicated but now I am starting to understand it.

fakebook blog

09/10/2013 10:21

This week I learned how to use fakebook it's like facebook but it is not realistic. For this assignment, I did my fakebook on William Lyon Mackenzie, he was a journalist and he had led Upper Canada in the late 1830's and was the leader during the Rebellion of 1837/38. In fakebook, I learned how to create posts and post them on your profile like you would do in facebook. I also learned how to upload images and videos and put links in there. I had lots of fun with fakebook and others would comment on my posts and also like or dislike my posts. I enjoyed this site.

live feeds on the internet

24/09/2013 10:26

Some of the live feeds on the internet just show pictures of the places and are weird because the cameras will show people what they are doing at that time.Some cameras show live footage of what people are doing. These cameras are found near traffic lights,and are outside buildings for security, and at aquariums. Today we looked at live cameras on the internet and we went to the vancouver aquarium site and saw some of the animals on camera live. We also saw live feeds of traffic around all of Surrey. I learned that not all live feeds are like videos, it can also be showing pictures that are recent. I also had learned that whatever site you go on to look at the live feed,it takes time to load up and it can freeze sometimes.When I looked at the live feed at the vancouver aquarium site, it felt like I was there watching it.



24/09/2013 10:07

Pinterest is a great site to try and find pictures of things you like and you are able to pin those pictures and also follow the owners board.On pinterest you can repin your favourite things and also like pins too. In pinterest, you are allowed to add comments about other peoples pins and visit the site where the picture was originally from.You are allowed to send the pictures to other people and attach it as a link. Pinterest is a way site where people can find pictures that others have posted and repin them and add comments about them. In my opinion, I wouldn't use Pinterest because I am not that type of person who finds pictures and pins them and looks at comments.


20/09/2013 10:14

In my opinion,I think that automated houses are a great idea and it will definately be a great impact to the future. With the new type of house it will make your life a whole lot easier. Today I also learned how robots in 2013 have been programed and how robots do whatever you say when told. Robots are now automatically programed and people have tried to make these robots look very realistic and some have made them realistic. People haven't just made robots, they have also made vacuums that automatically cleans things and this makes your job way easier in life and will be an important type of technology in the future.


11/09/2013 10:20

In my opinion I think that it is wrong to download things from mp3 or youtube converters.When copyrighting I think that the consequenses of downloading things like music from mp3 converters shouldn't be as bad as the states only if there is a law in Canada. People these days are trying to downloading music but they don't realize is that it is becoming illegal.People keep doing it because they think that they can't be caught but eventually they will be caught.If you cross the border the security guards will check your phones and track you wherever you go and you can go to jail for it if you do it a lot.


06/09/2013 18:59

In my infotech 9/10 class, I would like to learn how to use scratch and learn how it works. I have used scratch before but I want to learn more about it. Another thing I would like to learn more about in infotech is how photoshop works and how to change a picture 80% to make it look like my own picture. I want to also learn how to edit movies and create animations, how my email system works, and how to hack. I want to learn how to hack because I have seen it before and it happens to many people, I would like to learn how its really done and where do they do it.


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