Information tech final project

17/01/2014 14:57
Infotech final project.docx (529261)

My Photoshop Final Project

04/12/2013 14:47

explosion text

13/11/2013 09:52
This was the final assignment our class did in lesson 5 and I have to say it was the hardest assignment in lesson 5.During this assignment,I learned how make exploding text and how to rotate the text by going to image>image rotation>90CW.I found this really hard because the steps to making...

flaming text

12/11/2013 10:38
This was another assignment we did in class and I have to say it was very simple to do.I learned how to do the image rotations and learned how to get flaming text by inverting colours and limiting the colours.What I liked about this was that you can choose which way tou want the flames to be...


12/11/2013 10:22
When I did this space assignment,I thought it was very tricky to do because thesteps to making this was long and complicated which made it hard for me to follow.In the end,I had some help with it from one of my classmates and they helped me get through this.I learned how to put one layer on top of...

night lightning

12/11/2013 10:00
This was another assignment we did in our infotech class and it was simple to do. I followedthe instructions well and had no problems in fixing this picture. For this assignment,I learned mostly how the filter tool works and I thought it was interesting to know.For this picture,I had to make my own...

refracting sunlight

12/11/2013 09:52
This was the second thing we did in lesson 5 and I thought it was easy to do.I learned how to change the foreground colour and the background colour to what I want it to be.I also learned more about filtering.When I first saw these instructions,I thought it was going to be very hard but it wasn't...

All The Filters

12/11/2013 09:46
Today in our infotech class,we started working on lesson 5 and this is the first assignment we did.All of these pictures are fountains and we had to change the style of the picture by going to filter/artistic and then we go to the first one which is coloured pencil,inhe end,you repeat the same...

photoshop katelyn

05/11/2013 10:03
This was an easy assignment to do in my opinion and I have learned a lot from doing this.I learned how to change the colour of the background of a picture by going to Image>Adjustments>Hue Saturation.I also learned how the hue saturation really works. What I liked about this assignment was...

photoshop leaves

05/11/2013 10:01
This is another assignment we did in lesson 4 and the objective was to brighten the leaves up and I think that I did a good job on it.I learned how to replace the leaves colours with another colour.I had to go to image/adjustment/replace colour and then get the colour I wanted to use. I used the...
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