Students at Genius hour final blog

10/01/2014 09:29

1) I think that the celebration of learning was good because it gave us the opportunity to show what we can do on our own and most students are proud that they are learning something on their own.

2) I felt confident when I was presenting my website to people and most people were impressed with the work that our group had done and that gave us more confidence and it made us look good.

3) We could have improved when we had the chance to buy the premium website and have our own domain,but we decided to use the regular cite to do thew project,which was a mistake because with the premium website,we would have our very own URL address and more web pages to use.

4) I think it did help us because when we showed others our project,they were impressed with the work that we did and it made us look good.

5) I enjoyed doing Genius Hour and I learned a lot from my project and I felt like a Genius when I did this website because it proves that I can learn many things on my own.