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21/09/2013 20:12     meeting words


  • Some good things about Meeting Words is that any group members can update their work on this web tool and edit it instantly and also there is a chat tool for you to collaborate with your group members to work on your group project/assignment. With meeting words you can jump right in with your work because no sign up is required.


The  bad things about this website is that there aren't many options of layout on the toolbar,if you don't open your file in less than seven days, all of your work will automatically be deleted, and it can't be protected because people can easily come into your chat once they have your link.





The bad things about Titanpad are that if you lose or forget your password or for any other reason you wanted to change it Titanpad does not let you change your password. You would have to recover your pad text functionally. Titanpad also hase IOS issues its doesnt work with any IOS device. Titanpad will also delete your pad if you have less than 20 saved revisons it will delete 2 weeks after you last opened your pad. 








The good things about Titanpad are that many people can simutaneously edit the pad,there are no limits of who can join the chat, you don't have to pay it is free of charge, you are able to delete your pad by sending an email to the titanpad support team and they will remove the account from the site.



sending an email to the titanpad support team and they will remove the account from the site.


Some of the good things on Piratpad are is that it gives your more colour options for you to write with. Also there are a lot of languages for you to choose from in Piratepad. Piratepad can also make it easy to collaborate with your friends to work on projects or assignments. Piratepad also has a chat for you to interact with the people working with you. You can invite friends via email or just send/show them the link.









The bad things about PiratePad is that PiratePad doesn't load if you have too much cache on on your browser if it is on there then it will take a while to load, sometimes PiratePad will say it is reestablishing connection, performance and stability on PiratePad are really low, there's always bad connection when you are trying to join a persons chat.




The bad thing about PrimaryPad is that every time you are writing something you are forced to reconnect and it erases everything you have done, you have to pay later on when you use it a lot, you cannot delete pads for free you have to go to primarypad pro where you have to pay, and you can only have limited amount of people on your pad, the pad life only has 30 days.








Primarypad is a really good collaborating tool some of the things I liked about it are you can upload images which is great for making projects and doing assignments with friends. Primarypad is also incredibly stable that means less time freezing and you work properly. There

 also is a paint tool to make drawings for group work. Primarypad also is not blocked by filters like some of the other pad websites. You can also make sticky notes on your pad so you can remember things or changes you'd like to make in the future.



The good things about Etherpad is that it allows you to edit documents collaboratively and more efficiently, you can write articles, press releases,to do lists, and much more on Etherpad, and you can invite people to your chat.





The bad things about Etherpad is that there is a lot of installing to do when you start to actually use it, you aren't able to make your chat private because once you have sent the link or if somebody recieves the link then they can easily cause problems to it, and you have to download things.



The good things about hackpad are that it has many types of icon buttons to use, you are able to remove people by clicking X on their name bar and they will be kicked out of the chat, this pad is also a safe pad because you are able to lock and unlock the pad whenever you want, and you can easily make a new pad.





The bad things about the pad is that the new buttons aren't that good, they only support embeding with google maps and prezi, and they only have a certain amount of style of text.


In typewithme, it teaches you how to type in many ways, you can learn how to document and other types of collaboration, and it gives you collaboration tools to look at before you start your pad.



The bad things about typewithme is that you have to download photo softwares aswell as other things, you can't make your pad private, and downloading is required.