genius hour proposal

18/10/2013 15:03

For our project, we are making our own website of our own version of NHL.COM. In this project I will be working with Jasluv, Harjan, Charnpreet, and Amandeep, aswell as myself. The audience/user base/client base in this project are the other grade 9 and 10 students in our class,aswell as our teacher and other teachers from this school and teachers from other schools.This project that my group is working on is worthwhile because Hockey is somethimg that most of us all enjoy and we know lots about it and it would be great to share our opinions about Hockey with others.From this project, I expect to learn that if we fail, we have still learned something from it and if we succeed, then it means we have done a good job. I also hope to learn a little bit more about hockey since I am not the biggest Hockey fan. The product that my group will show at the end of the year will be the website we will be making for our project. For this website, there are no expenses that we will need because we are using a website that is free of charge. We need to get our information from NHL.COM. We will be working on our project every friday and itwill take 30 days to finish. In this project, we need to find stats, list top ten saves and goals, and much more in this month. This project will be good.