Genius Hour entry blog

09/01/2014 09:56

1) What if someone discovered our website and it was interested in partnering up with my group to make this website even better.What if our website becomes very popular around the world.

2) I picked this topic because all of us like hockey and it is an easy thing to make because we all know so much about the game.

3) I learned about which was the website we used for genius hour and it was something that we never used before and I learned how to upload pictures videos,do articles,etc with the help of the people in my group.

4) I think that I am a genius in this area because I learned a new program without any help from my teacher or any other adult.I think genius hour means that you are making something on your own and whether you finish or not,in the end you will learn something from making something and that's what makes you a 


5) I think genius hour would have been better if we had bought a premium website and that way we would have our own domain and would receive more layouts and optioins with things.

6) In my opinion,I liked genius hour because it gave us an opportunity to show everyone what we can do on our own and it shows that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.