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Information tech final project

17/01/2014 14:57
Infotech final project.docx (529261)

trello blog

14/01/2014 10:49
trello blog.docx (184213) Here is my blog about Trello.

Students at Genius hour final blog

10/01/2014 09:29
1) I think that the celebration of learning was good because it gave us the opportunity to show what we can do on our own and most students are proud that they are learning something on their own. 2) I felt confident when I was presenting my website to people and most people were impressed with the...

Genius Hour entry blog

09/01/2014 09:56
1) What if someone discovered our website and it was interested in partnering up with my group to make this website even better.What if our website becomes very popular around the world. 2) I picked this topic because all of us like hockey and it is an easy thing to make because we all know so much...

Genius Hour January 8th

08/01/2014 10:37
Today in Genius Hour,our group made our last adjustments to our website and now it is officially complete.I did not learn much today because we were just doing our last updates on everything we have done.Charnpreet and I have updated the media gallery for the last time and it's really good.Everyone...

Genius Hour January 7th

07/01/2014 10:37
Today in Genius hour I continued to finish off my 2014 winter classic article.I am officially done now and It looks really good,I got Harjan to proof read it.We also did a Genius Hour survey which asked us if we liked genius hour and if we would like to do it again and other things.Charnpreet and I...

Genius Hour January 6th

06/01/2014 09:48
Today in Genius hour,we were making our adjustments to our website and so far it is looking great.For the project,I did an article on the 2014 winter classic that recently went on and harjan asked me to write an article on it.I also added some pictures based on the NHL winter classic.I also helped...

Genius Hour December 19th

19/12/2013 10:39
Today in Genius Hour,Charnpreet and I updated the media section and added more videos and pictures from both games from yesterday.We added the Pittsburgh Penguins game aswell as the Ottawa Senators game highlights.We also created an analysis page and Charnpreet did one for his favourite team in the...

Genius Hour December 18th

18/12/2013 10:39
Today in our Genius hour block,Charnpreet and I put up the photos and videos on the website like I said in my last blog and all of those pictures and videos are based on the games that have been happening these past two days.Today we added other brand new pictures of new things.We added a video...

Genius hour December 17th

18/12/2013 10:38
Today in Genius Hour,our group continued to make adjustments to our project.Harjan had worked on the news and the transactions,while Charnpreet and I added more pictures to the media gallery.We also added videos featuring videos of highlights of yesterdays games aswell as every other week and we...
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